Naruto x yandere fem sasuke lemon fanfiction As Naruto grew up, most of the time he was alone in the big mansion of Hatake. . . No GIRL/FEMALE Naruto or Sasuke are allowed, this is strictyly YAOI only!. Complete. "Don't worry Sasuke-kun. Read Yandere Fem Naruto X Male Reader (Aftermath) from the story Male reader X Yandere Female Aftermath by Invincible_Bot with 6,379 reads. . . . . Uzumaki Naruto has been having a bad day. . godzilla. Get notified when Kiyomi Uchiha Yandere is updated. It was a sunny afternoon at Konoha, today had been the day of the assignments of the different teams of genin. As the last male Uzumaki and the village’s Jinchuuriki, Naruto has several perks, though the one that comes into play the most often is that any girl who enters his home without his permission to becomes his property. A forbidden jutsu is used to link their minds and bodies. My first lemon fic ever, re released. In Naruto's anger he awakens his ancestors blood, the blood of the forgotten legend Sparda. He had found that Narumi had every kind of food imaginable in her kitchen. The fourth is alive and Naruto has both his parents. That's what you get By: LolaTheSa. When Naruto left for his training trip with Jiraiya he expected to be taught certain things, When he only got base training and nothing to truly further his ninja career he becomes frustrated. Yor: I won't. Sasuke was annoyed, halfly jealous. , Sasuke U. Language:. Naruto's left depressed by the failure of the Sasuke Uchiha retrieval mission, noticing his depression Tsunade sends him another mission to retrieve the youngest daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga. when naruto and sasuke are cought sparring without permission they're sent to wash their former classroom as punishment but in the lonely classroom. Underage. Though her place of awakening appeared to be an underground labyrinth of sorts, the blonde felt oddly at ease. Sasuke frowned, and started to slowly put a finger inside of Rose. . He took a deep breath and let the warm summer air clear his mind, he closed his eyes and let his mind wander to old days. . . xxxxxxxxxxxx-Konoha-It was a great day in the village as people tried to make a living and the like. Fem Madara, Sharingan Naruto. Fem. Allies and enemies alike are in the crosshairs as Naruto delves into the lost past of a dead village seeking to understand the Kyuubi's malicious gift before it destroys everything – and everyone – he has fought for. "Suki!" It was like trying to capture the Moon in a way. Handsome, cool, protective and popular. He took a deep breath and let the warm summer air clear his mind, he closed his eyes and let his mind wander to old days. "Hey," Naruto scrambled over to her getting right in her face. . There's only one way to do that. ”. Asura/fem!Indra. Naruto and Sasuke are simply next in line. She could marry Naruto, the only person capable of restraining her if she snapped, or endure a trial that would likely result in her execution. 56 Stories. .
Her enemy and now her friend again. Soon lightning was in between their foreheads. Christmas Special: My Mistress By: Kuroakuma025. “G-Good morning!” said Hinata, bouncing on her little boyfriend’s cock in reverse cowgirl, facing away from him. . Her best friend. From there, it had been a relatively short trip to the Land of Iron. But she still won't give up on her dream to become hokage. Something no mortal man should ever trifle with or cross. "Naruto, you pass. The second part to Book of Lemons is here! This time, I'm inviting crossovers, so that we have newer, fresher ideas. ". My first lemon fic ever, re released. Leaning down to whisper in to Naruto's ear, Itachi mumbled in a quiet, muted voice. Naruto got up by himself. Naruto liked her. [Various!Naruto x OC] Kojin Shiori was never meant to be born, but the fact remains that she’s here-- she exists. . , Sasuke U. With this action, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, in an act of self-preservation, decided to take care of the barely weeks old infant. Satsuki nodded and their lips met again. Naruto was assinged to Team 7 together with his crush Sakura and his rival Sasuke. Part 16 of Smut Collection; Language: English Words: 491,954. . 98. . . . Naruto groans a bit in pleasure and has a blush on his face. Sasuke Fem Yandere. The touch of a Goddess. . A forbidden jutsu is used to link their minds and bodies. Sasuke looked down, She licked her lips, he was the size of the adult teacher they had. .

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